Hope Batterson

Bio: I believe it is the responsibility of every artist to stimulate the mind through a visual or auditory medium, regardless of the subject matter. I believe that one is never meant to produce a work if, during the creation process, one finds it no longer enjoyable. It is a mentally stimulating experience, the act of creating; therefore, I hope my art is as captivating for my viewers as it is for me, the artist. My work largely represents the new human experience in the twenty-first century. I am fascinated by the restraints and liberations of our modern society. I am fascinated by life, death, and rebirth, and I believe these thoughts are more intertwined than we know. The idea that we are all made of the same “stuff” is a concept that has driven my art for the last few years. Whether by some spiritual design or by a cosmic coincidence, our very existence and place in the universe motivates our curiosity and our artistic production, two characteristics that make us distinctly human. As such, I believe it is essential to nurture these desires so that we can continue to grow as a people. My artwork is very personal. I create pieces because I want to, not because I think they will sell. My primary mediums are drawing, painting (oils and gouache), and digital photography. Drawing has been my passion from the moment I could first hold a pencil. I honestly believe I was drawing before I was talking…it had the ability to make long car rides pass surprisingly quickly; it had the ability to make me forget about the day’s troubles; and it had the ability to make me believe I was more than what I seemed on the surface. I think anyone who can say they have experienced this sensation knows what I am talking about – it makes that person an individual with a purpose and a voice. When I reached the age of fifteen, I began playing with paint and immediately discovered a passion for it. I absolutely love painting as a process (indeed, I find it very therapeutic), though I am particular about my finished pieces. I choose to display more drawings than paintings, because I find that I am more satisfied by the former. As for photography, I have been experimenting for the past four years or so. I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel to distant places throughout my life. I love experiencing new cultures, learning history and languages; in short, I love traveling. It is an enthusiasm I hope to indulge for the rest of my life. My photographs, therefore, reflect my experiences while traveling. I cannot emphasize enough the personal quality of my artwork. When I work, I often feel like I am opening myself to be as vulnerable as I can possibly be; I create works that deeply reflect my thoughts and emotions, both as an artist and as a human being.

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