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This is interesting, and I’m sharing because I think it’s a great opener for discussion.  Thanks, Jodie, for stimulating my mind!


Am I left-handed? No. Do I attack my paper with my pencil? Frequently.

1. What genre do you write in?

I write science fiction and creative non-fiction.  My work tends to be geared towards adult audiences, but that’s mainly because I swear.  A lot…not something I’m proud of.

2. How many novels have you written?

This is my first!

3. Do you have an agent? Are you published? (Self published or traditionally)

Neither!  I want to finish the first installment of this series before I pursue publishing or an agent.

4. What area of your writing needs the most improvement?

Hm.  This is tricky.  If I had to choose, I’d actually say that I want more details of environment in my writing.  I’ve always loved that style of writing, but I know it’s not for everyone.  I’m a Tolkien-ite and have recently devoured the Song of Ice and Fire series by Martin, so I think it’s safe to say that I am a fan of detailed writing.  So any advice/suggestions on how to expand my writing in that direction is greatly appreciated.

Also, a side note: I always thought growing up that I would end up writing a fantasy novel, thanks to Mr. Tolkien.  I actually never read science fiction until I was in college. Maybe I’ll write fantasy one day…

5. What is your advice to fellow writers?

Just keep trudging through it.  I try to write a little each day, even if it’s only a couple of sentences.  Sometimes I find myself staring at the computer screen, waiting for thoughts to come, but the page stays blank.  In that case, I actually take out my notebook and start handwriting some paragraphs as they come to me, regardless of the order/character/relevancy.  Sometimes I just like to write background information for characters and events, even though none of that information will be included in the narrative.  I also like to sketch my characters…it’s easier for me to imagine their thoughts and behavior if I can imagine their faces.

So, there you go!  What do you guys think?



Questions for Aspiring Authors…

I’m very interested to know where everyone is at in their writing careers. Are you published? Do you have an agent? How many manuscripts have you written? Are you struggling through your first novel? Are you considering writing a novel but have no idea where to begin? Are you struggling with writers block?

I’m endlessly curious to know where everyone is at so I have put together a list of questions that I’d love for you all to answer. Let’s get some discussion going.



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